The best gift parents can give to their children is the ignition, drive and encouragement to explore and discover. Play is the highest form of research. These early years are the primary stage where children interact with each other and learn new things everyday. A good playgroup program builds the strongest societal foundation of children, and ours is much better than just good.

Our specially designed playgroup program provides a warm and comforting environment full of fun filled activities for both parents as well as children. Our curriculum focuses on a child inclusive, welcoming and developmentally organized strengthening and connection building plan of action. Our CHILD DEVELOPMENT philosophy is mapped out to ensure holistic development, curiosity and mindfulness within the child.

Our playgroup program mainly focuses on 2-3 year old children engaging them in art, music, dance and other sensory development activities to make them more aware of their surroundings and well as themselves. This helps them to enhances their social development as well because of the receptive language skills and fundamental sorting, ordering, shapes and other reasoning skills they acquire through the help of enjoyable activities.


Other important aspects such as body awareness and self confidence will also be developed in our playgroup programs with the help of activities such as balance, strength and hand-eye coordination that will not only make them more aware but also improve and develop their motor skills.


  1. Art, Music, Dance
  2. Sensory development
  3. Social development
  4. Receptive language skills
  5. Sorting, ordering, shapes
  6. Balance
  7. Strength
  8. Hand-eye coordination
  9. Motor skills development
  10. Body and Surrounding awareness