The first step in early education starts in Nursery. It lays down a strong foundation in terms of comprehensive development of a child.

Our exceptional curriculum for nursery children comes with enjoyable and fun learning activities such as theme based concepts, expression, free play and technology, wherein children not only develop their readiness to learn, but also take delight in the learning process. It will enhance them to be more prepared for what is in store for them for the coming years, may it be in the realm of learning, or life in general.

Our nursery program is for children of 3-4 years of age. The nursery program employs the most innovative curriculum of thematic learning and social skills of children. It reinforces phonemic awareness, language reception and comprehension, as well as concepts of numbers and prints.


  1. Comprehensive development
  2. Thematic learning
  3. Expression
  4. Social skills development
  5. Phonemic awareness
  6. Language reception and comprehension
  7. Numbers and prints